Property Settlement

Property Settlement is the process of dividing assets of a marriage (or de facto relationship) after separation.

At Reardon Family Lawyers we have years of experience at negotiating and finalising Agreements from smaller one house, two car type scenarios to large business, real estate portfolios and trust set ups.

It is important to use a lawyer when finalising property matters as simply dividing your assets yourself will not afford you protection in a legal sense if it is not documented properly.

There are a number of factors to consider in a property settlement such as what the asset pool is today, what it was at the start of the relationship, what were the contributions of the parties to the asset pool (ie how did we get from what we had at the start to what we have today) and what the future needs of the parties are (i.e. health concerns and ongoing care of children).

We can assist you in negotiating an agreement that can then be documented by way of Consent Orders, or, if you are unable to reach agreement we are more than happy to represent you in Court proceedings to ensure a just and equitable property distribution.

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