Dedicated and experienced Family Lawyers


Dedicated and experienced Family Lawyers

Reardon Family Lawyers are a Gold Coast Law Firm practicing exclusively in Family Law. Our firm is a specialist Family Law practice headed by Queensland Law Society Accredited Family Law Specialist, David Reardon. Prior to establishing Reardon Family Lawyers, David was the Family Law Partner of well-known Gold Coast Legal Practice, Price & Roobottom Solicitors for 14 years. Since establishing Reardon Family Lawyers on 1 January 2009, our Family Law Team has helped countless people through the difficult maze of family law and pride themselves on reaching client focused outcomes in what can often be difficult circumstances.

Whether it be negotiation, mediation, arbitration or litigation, we pride ourselves on our customer service, professional advice and strive to achieve the best possible outcomes for our clients in a cost-effective manner. We employ professional and qualified staff and aim to achieve client-focused results in a variety of areas. Reardon Family Lawyers deal exclusively in Family Law and relationship matters and regularly appear in the Family Law Courts, Children’s Court and Domestic Violence Court. Our staff are always helpful and courteous and aim to achieve the best possible outcome, to allow our clients to “get on” with their lives.

Specialist Divorce Lawyers

Our specialist divorce lawyers are here to support your needs and take the pressure off your shoulders by assisting you in the Divorce Application process. Reardon Family Lawyers can prepare your Divorce Application and guide you along the way to ensure that the process runs smoothly and answer any questions you may have.


Reardon Family Lawyers can represent you at your Family Law Mediation whether it be a complex property settlement or a dispute relating to your children and who they live with and spend time with. David Reardon is also an approved Mediator with the Australian Mediation Association and a Registered Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner with the Attorney General’s Department.

Child Support

There are several factors that are taken into account when determining how much a parent should pay, including the combined incomes of the parents, the care arrangements of the children (how much time they spend with each parent) and the average cost to raise a child.

Domestic Violence

Reardon Family Lawyers are happy to listen to any concerns and to assist people generate economic and sensible options as to how best to make progress towards resolution of family or domestic violence matters including applications, defence and dealing with alleged breaches.


Our legal team consists of talented and dedicated family lawyers. We advocate for our clients and are able to skilfully advise, negotiate, mediate, or litigate to protect the best interests of our clients.

David Reardon


David was previously a partner in a medium sized legal practice for 14 years prior to establishing his own boutique Family Law practice in 2009. He has published a number of articles on Family Law and presented papers at international conferences on “Binding Financial Agreements”. He has a wide variety of experience in complex Family Law matters.

Joe Reardon


Joe first started with Reardon Family Lawyers as a law clerk in 2011 and was admitted as a Solicitor to the Supreme Court of Queensland in July 2012. He holds a Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Arts from Griffith University and a Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice with merit from the Australian National University.

Dealing with separation and family law is difficult.

Obtain guidance and advice from a professional

Reardon Family Lawyers pride themselves on providing clients with accurate and timely advice and achieving the best possible outcome specific to their unique set of circumstances.


“David and his practice have proven to be everything and more that they say they are when it comes to dealing with family law, i would recommend David and his team to anyone that is in need of excellent legal advice. Dealing with the family law courts and the dichotomy that appears revolve around the issue ” Whats best for the child ” is a daunting task to say the least. David and his practice puts this into layman’s terms quite effectively. I would highly recommend David and his team as your first port of call when pursuing some justice through the family law courts.”

A.L  – Gold Coast, QLD

“Hi Joe and all at Reardon Family Lawyers, We got married on Saturday 17th  Thank you so much. We are very happy with the way you handled our situation thank you so much.”

B & B.S – Gold Coast, QLD

“David Reardon is a highly experienced lawyer who was able to achieve the desired result despite difficult circumstances. I can’t imagine there would be too many lawyers of his calibre. Without the expertise of Mr Reardon and his team, I would have been up the creek without a paddle!”

G.B – Gold Coast, QLD

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my ex-partner entitled to 50/50? How does the Family Court determine property settlement?

Contrary to popular belief, property in a family law matter is not automatically divided 50/50 between the parties simply because they were married or in a de facto relationship.

Generally speaking, entitlements to a property settlement are determined using a 5 step process

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Domestic Violence Orders / Protection orders – What are my rights?

No doubt you are well aware of some of the publicity and recent changes that have been made regarding domestic violence in Queensland.

You may already be aware that there is a separate court to deal exclusively with domestic violence matters and two new shelters form the basis of Queensland’s $31 million legal response to Quentin Bryce’s ‘Not Now, Not Ever’ report into domestic and family violence.

The establishment of a specialist Domestic Violence Court at Southport and elsewhere is welcome news.

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Parenting Orders and Overseas Travel - Can I take my children overseas whilst there are Family Court or Federal Circuit Court Proceedings on foot or Parenting Orders in place?

Children are not permitted to travel overseas without the consent of both parents, or anyone with parental responsibility, when parenting proceedings are active in the Family Law Courts.

If you cannot get consent of the other party, you can apply for a court order seeking permission to take the child overseas.

An application to permit a child to travel internationally or to prevent a child from leaving Australia should be filed in the Federal Circuit Court. If you have a current parenting case in the Family Court, the application should be filed in that court.

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What does the ‘best interests of the child’ mean?

If you have ever had advice from a Family Lawyer or sat in the back of a Family Court or Federal Circuit Court, you have probably heard the phrase “the best interests of the child.”
The best interests of the child is the most important factor in family law when making decisions regarding children. But what does the phrase actually mean, and how does a Court determine what is in a child’s best interests?
The answer is contained within section 60CC of the Family Law Act 1975.
Essentially, that section provides that in determining what is in a child’s best interests, the Court must consider Primary Considerations and Secondary Considerations.

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Can I apply to the Court to spend time with a child if I am not their Parent?

Parenting Orders are Orders made by the Court that set out living arrangements and care arrangements for children.
Most of the time, applications in the Family Law Court are brought by a child’s parents. However, the Family Law Act, provides that a parenting order in relation to a child may be applied for by:
– either or both of the child’s parents; or
– the child; or
– a grandparent of the child; or
– any other person concerned with the care, welfare or development of the child.

If you are considering applying to the Court for Parenting Orders, we strongly recommend that you obtain legal advice as soon as possible.

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